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RDS Backup Service


The very first feature Cloudpave provides is AWS RDS backup tool, which is built on top of Datamung, an award-winning open source project from Cloudpave. It backs up an MySQL RDS instance into an S3 object, or convert and MySQL RDS snapshot into S3 object under user's AWS account. To learn more about Datamung, please take a look at its wiki pages. The following diagram is a typical scenario where Datamung backup an RDS database into S3 object without creating replication of database. In addition to this scenario, user can choose to create replication to avoid mysqldump locking live database or convert snapshot into S3.


Compare with open source Demo Website

Datamung includes a module of demo website. Aside from the fact it requires installation and configuration which makes it not really a service, the main difference between Datamung demo website and Cloudpave RDS backup service is that Cloudpave wraps up Datamung for serious users while the demo website is just for demo purpose. Here's a breakdown of important features in Cloudpave version of Datamung.


Datamung in Cloudpave

Datamung in demo website

Software as a Service

Yes, user may start backup database immediately via website

No, user needs to read through installation guide, setup AWS resources(Beanstalk, IAM and SWF) and configuration correctly, then download and deploy Datamung bundle.

Region support

All AWS regions

Only US-EAST-1


Tasks in past are only visible to user's workspace

If user chooses to use the demo website directly, everyone call see everyone's tasks in last 8 hours. There's no privacy. If user chooses to install Datamung bundle in his own AWS account, tasks can be visible accross instances(if there are multiple) if they share the same SWF domain.

Data retention

Cloudpave system stored task details and steps in separated database and doesn't purge historical task at the moment.

Tasks are volatile, in a sense that Datamung is not responsible for storing them. The corresponding workflow stays in SWF based on SWF data policy, however Datamung implementation only shows tasks in last 8 hours.

Re-run task

Supported. User can pick a task in the past, fill it with different parameters optionally and re-run it.

Can't support by design

Recurring backup

In roadmap

Can't support by design

Supported database

Only MySQL, this restriction still exists unfortunately

Only MySQL

The list goes on as new features are being built in time.