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an experimental trading technical analysis website that focuses on nothing but chart, data analysis, scan and back testing.


At the moment there are many limitations.

  • Only US stock and ETF is supported. Index and foreign stock is not.
  • Only display daily and weekly chart
  • No realtime quote available. Data is displayed up to the previous business day.
  • Only chart has been worked on. Back testing and portfolio management didn't start yet.

Existing players

There isn't one solution that I have seen so far that does best in every perspective of trading technical analysis. However, for each perspective, there are clear leaders that provides free or very cheap services.

  • StockFetcher - Scan and back testing
  • TradingView - Chart technical analysis, discussion and chart sharing
  • FreeStockCharts - Free version of TC2000
  • Yahoo Finance - Fundamental, news and calendar
  • FinViz - Market overview, basic scan with charts
  • QuantConnect - Programmetical strategy definition and back testing


For technical analysis I usually have to jump between these sites, which is acceptable except that the programmetical strategy in QuantConnect only supports C#. As a professional Java engineer, even with strong motivation to code my strategy, I couldn't get started with QuantConnect. Therefore the short-term goal of OmniTA is to provide minimal charting, back testing and a programmtical strategy definition functions just enough to build strategy in Java and test. In additional to that, I'm planning to provide the service for free to majority of users.

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