About Cloudpave

Cloudpave, LLC. provides software products as service. Its main goal is to help organizations take advantage of cloud computing technologies. The company is formed in early 2014 in the state of corns, Indiana, U.S.

Why Cloud and SaaS?

Software that requires download, installation on hardware and regular updates, patches, is proven less cost-effective, less agile and harder to maintain in last century. Today, it becomes ridiculous for a non-software company to own large number of machines and IT staff just because business requires software.

However the reality is that moving to cloud requires knowledge, experience, strong will to do things differently and readiness for different challenges. Even some of the latest young companies today do not accept cloud computing and choose to stay with traditional IT infrastructure.

The mission of Cloudpave is to find out what makes cloud computing hard to accept, provide solutions that make cloud computing and IT infrastructure management dead simple.